We believe that sustainability is only feasible through an ethical and transparent relationship with our audiences.

Within our purpose of value, commitment and choice, we always believe in ethical and transparent relationships with all our audiences. This is how we develop a long-term vision for our business and form consistent relationships with employees, suppliers, customers, social organizations, shareholders and the entire society.


Our Annual and Sustainability Report aims to externalize our commitment to transparency and dialogue, presenting the way we do business, our sustainability strategy, our differentials, the initiatives and projects developed, and the performance achieved during the year.

In the Report we also present the most relevant themes for our performance in ESG, present in our materiality matrix, defined and aligned through studies of global sustainability trends and the demands of our stakeholders. The material themes are broken down into short, medium and long-term planning and linked to targets and indicators, which aim to ensure the continuous advancement of the priority themes highlighted for action.

In addition, our internal sustainability processes are reviewed and validated periodically, in order to ensure assertiveness in the data we report and meet the strategic demands of ESG with our stakeholders. Thus, the indicators collected undergo an independent audit, responsible for verifying the information and processes before being widely disclosed in the Annual Report.

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Assaí expresses its commitments and guidelines through a set of Corporate Policies and other documents that allow us to endorse our sustainability and governance initiatives in light of the business objectives. Get to know our main Policies transversal to the ESG agenda in full.

Policies and Commitments


To enhance our role as a transforming agent, we are signatories to initiatives and movements that, like Assaí, are committed to building a more responsible and inclusive society. We work together to overcome the main challenges of sustainable development by adopting the best management practices in retail.

Policies, Commitments and Associations


Assaí’s Investor Relations area is responsible for facilitating communication between investors, partners and the Financial Market, as well as ensuring that Assaí complies with all regulatory requirements and acts transparently with respect to reporting, in care of its brand and reputation.

About Assaí’s listing on B3 and NYSE:

Following the approval of its spin-off with GPA at the end of 2020, Assaí (ASAI3) obtained its registration as a publicly traded company in category ‘A’ before the CVM – Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (Securities and Exchange Commission), and in February 2021 the requests for listing and admission to trading of its shares on B3’s New Market and its American Depositary Securities (“ADS”) on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) were granted.

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