Social and environmental responsibility from end to end.

As a retail company, our job is to connect people to the best products. We bridge the gap between our suppliers and customers, working every day so that this connection is guided by ethical conduct and aligned with the best social, environmental, and economic practices. To this end, we identify our critical risks and carry out actions with the purpose of making our supply chains increasingly responsible, seeking to know them in greater depth, through constant monitoring and traceability processes, looking from the origin of the raw materials to the management of our socio-environmental impacts. As part of the strategy, we base our practices and commitments on four priority aspects, which are:

•Animal welfare
•Fight against deforestation
•Responsible use of biodiversity
•Adequate work conditions

We know that in addition to mitigating possible socio-environmental risks, we have the possibility to transform and develop our suppliers to create a network of positive impacts within our value chain.


Assaí’s marketing of fresh beef follows the premises stipulated by the Group’s Beef Purchasing Policy, which has been in effect since 2016. The document, prepared in partnership with the NGOs Earthworm and Proforest, ensures transparency in the beef production and supply chain.

We have a traceability system that monitors our supply chain. Also, since 2018, Assaí’s direct slaughterhouses follow a geomonitoring system, which allows us to verify the social and environmental risks of the location of the farms.

These measures aim to ensure that the products sold in the stores do not come from illegal deforestation areas and that they are in accordance with the standards and legislation in force regarding working conditions and productive areas.

Assaí’s Beef Purchasing Policy


All our suppliers that have factories in critical countries undergo social audits, which aim to verify compliance with international standards for working conditions and other labor requirements in the locations where they operate. Assaí is a member of the Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS), which presents an audit program to evaluate working conditions in the factories. According to the results of the audits, specific action plans are structured for each supplier and, in case of serious non-conformities, commercial relations are suspended.


Assaí has a commitment to positively transform its value chain, always thinking about the fundamental requirements of an increasingly responsible purchase! Our Charter of Ethics is an important mechanism that helps us in this purpose. Through it, every Assaí supplier commits to follow ethical and legal standards on essential issues, such as human rights, working hours, health and safety, environment, animal welfare, anti-corruption procedures, etc. At the moment of contracting, all suppliers sign the commitment with respect to the social, environmental and economic determinations required by the Charter.

Get to know our Ethics Charter For Suppliers in full by clicking below:

Ethics Charter For Suppliers