How to Invest?

How to Invest?

Reasons to invest in Assaí

  • 293 stores across Brazil, in 24 states and the Federal District
  • One of Brazil’s 10 largest employers
  • 16th highest net revenue in the country
  • One of the 13 most valuable Brazilian brands
  • Fastest growing cash & carry company in Brazil
  • Eco-efficient buildings and investments in renewable energies

How to invest in Assaí

Where are Assaí Atacadista’s shares traded?

Assaí Atacadista’s shares are traded on B3 (erstwhile BM&F Bovespa) under the ticker “ASAI3.” The Company is listed on Novo Mercado, B3’s highest corporate governance segment.

What does it mean for Assaí to be listed on Novo Mercado?

Novo Mercado is a listing segment for trading the shares of companies that voluntarily adopt corporate governance practices in addition to those required by Brazilian law. Listing in this special segment implies the adoption of a series of corporate rules that expand shareholders’ rights, as well as the disclosure of policies and the establishment of monitoring and control structures. Novo Mercado leads companies to the highest standards of corporate governance.

What type of shares are traded?

The shares traded are common shares, which guarantee voting rights at company meetings, as well as a share in the Company’s profits.

What must I do to invest in Assaí shares?

To invest in shares, you only need to have an active registration with a stockbroker.  Click here to find a broker on the B3 website.

Before looking for a stockbroker to start trading, it is recommended that you study the subject using the material available on B3’s educational portal.

Who are stockbrokers?

Stockbrokers act as intermediaries in buying and selling shares between investors on the stock exchange (B3).

Is there any cost involved in buying and selling shares?

A brokerage fee is charged by the stockbroker for the transactions, which could be a fixed amount or a percentage of the transaction.

Does Assaí pay dividends? How do I receive them?

The Company annually distributes the minimum mandatory dividend of 25  % of net income earned in the previous year. Shareholders receive the amount via credit to their checking account in any financial institution, starting from the established date of payment.

What are the risks I must be aware of before investing in Assaí?

The risks that Assaí is exposed to are explained in item 4 of our Reference Form.