One of Assaí’s values is Caring for Our People, which is why we value our employees’ journey as a differential in their careers right from the selection process. Our goal is to make a difference in caring for Our People, so that each employee feels unique and understands his/her purpose within the company, even with Assaí’s exponential growth. Thus, we develop actions that aim to promote continuous growth, equity of opportunities and inclusion, safety and well-being of our entire team.

Code of Ethics


At Assaí, we understand that the Diversity of Our People is a Value and also a lever for performance and socioeconomic innovation, so we promote diversity and inclusion, valuing respect and appreciation for all people. Thus, we fight all types of discrimination: no matter the age, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, disability, religion, marital status, nationality, or gender expression. We work with five priority themes, which guarantee the rights, respect, appreciation, and equity of all:

• Racial Equity;
• Respect for LGBTQIA+ rights;
• Gender equity;
• Inclusion and development of people with disabilities;
• Age diversity.

We seek constant evolution in this theme through awareness-raising actions, training and inclusive recruitment, which extend throughout the year, to generate reflection and ongoing discussions among our employees, suppliers and partners. Among the actions, we highlight Diversity Week, which invites representatives from companies, consulting firms, and social institutions to share experiences on the theme.

We believe that by valuing diversity, fighting discrimination and offering equal opportunities, we are supporting the construction of a more inclusive country.


There’s not too much knowledge! Since 2013 we have invested in a structured model of corporate education, the Assaí University. It was created with the purpose of disseminating knowledge about our business model – Self-Service Wholesale – and preparing our people for the challenges of growth and expansion of our business through various development programs and online and on-site courses.

Every day, the University has sought innovations aligned to the trends of organizational learning evolution and also of digital transformation in education, always trying to keep up to date about the new ways and models to train and develop our more than 60 thousand employees. There are more than 50 Programs and about 5 thousand courses, included in five Learning Schools, available for various hierarchical levels and business areas.

This investment by Assaí, in addition to contributing to the sharing of knowledge, is responsible for the continuous improvement of the brand’s processes and also for retaining the company’s talents in a healthy and positive way. After all, Our People are our greatest asset!


The purpose of the Anti-Racist Manual is to make Our People aware of the ethnic/racial theme, bringing concepts, definition about each type of racism existing and present in our society, in addition to guidelines that should be known and put into practice by everyone, so that we can continue to transform Our Assaí into a company that is increasingly inclusive and representative of the diversity present in Our People, in our customers and in society.

The Manual is available to all employees online at the Assaí University and also in printed form, enabling employees to take the content home, sharing and generating knowledge with family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors and others, intensifying the power of transformation beyond the corporate space. In addition, the Anti-Racist Manual is required reading for all new employees in the Welcome Integration Program.

Get to know our Anti-Racist Manual by clicking below:

Anti-racist Manual


It is Assaí’s commitment to promote diversity, inclusion and respect for all people, in all the company’s environments. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, color, disability, religion, marital status, nationality, or any other identity marker.

As a way of legitimizing and reinforcing this commitment, we have a Diversity and Human Rights Policy, which aims to establish guidelines related to diversity, inclusion and human rights, bringing transparency to Assaí’s positions and directions for all its units. of business, aiming at an environment free of discrimination, which promotes and values respect and equal opportunities

This policy was developed based on key documents such as the United Nations (UN) Principles, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN), the Universal Declaration of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs (UN), among others.

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Diversity and Humans Rights Policy